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Shining a Light on Global Vision: Join Our Side Event at the 77th World Health Assembly

Published: 22.05.2024
IAPB Advocacy Team

Vision is a fundamental part of our daily lives, influencing everything from learning and working to our overall well-being. Yet, astonishingly, more than 2.2 billion people worldwide are living with vision impairment. This staggering figure includes 1.1 billion individuals suffering from avoidable sight loss.  

The 77th World Health Assembly presents a unique opportunity to address this pressing global public health crisis. IAPB is proud to host a high-level side event titled “Universal Access to Glasses: Promoting Multisectoral Action” on 30th May 2024.  

Why is this event crucial? 

  • Refractive Errors: Leading causes of vision impairment, affecting over 671 million adults and 450 million children globally. 
  • Global Impact: With nearly half the world’s population projected to be short-sighted by 2050, the urgency to act is evident. 
  • Simple Solutions: A pair of spectacles can often provide a straightforward and cost-effective solution to correct refractive errors. 

The event aims to galvanize support from member states and stakeholders, promoting collaboration across sectors such as health, education, and business. We’ll delve into the impact of uncorrected refractive errors on individuals, communities, and healthcare systems, showcasing best practices and discussing policy recommendations to integrate refractive error services into broader healthcare systems. 

 Event Details: 

  • Date: 30th May 2024, Thursday 
  • Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am 
  • Format: Hybrid 
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland and Online 

Our distinguished panel of speakers includes representatives from the International Labour Organization, SightSavers, CooperVision, WHO HQ, and the University of Tübingen, among others. 

 Don’t miss out! 

Whether you’re a policymaker, healthcare professional, or simply passionate about global health, this event offers invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration. Register now to join us in-person in Genva or if you’re unable to make it, you can register online and join us in shaping a brighter future for global eye health! 

Join us in person: 

Register online:

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