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New Integrated People-Centred Eye Care Course Translates Theory into Action

Published: 28.01.2022
IPEC Course Launch

The World Health Organization’s World Report on Vision highlighted that to make universal eye health a reality, people and communities need to be placed at the centre of care. That crucially, health systems be organised around the needs and expectations of people throughout their life, rather than a narrow view based on disease at any one time.    

But two years after that important report was released, questions remain. How do individuals, organisations and systems adapt to achieve people-centred eye care? What is integrated people-centred eye care (IPEC)? Why is it so critical to achieving universal health coverage for all? 

IAPB, with the support from the Fred Hollows Foundation through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), launches the Introduction to Integrated People-Centred Eye Care course to deepen the understanding of this concept and translate theory into action.  

“Since the launch of the report, there have been important high-level commitments by countries to implement IPEC. With these commitments in place, a key priority for the sector should now be to support countries in their effort to make IPEC a reality. The new IPEC eLearning materials will be a great resource to train service planners and health care providers to translate IPEC theory into every-day practice.” Andreas Mueller, World Health Organization.  

 “This course is a great initiative that will help create a common understanding of what IPEC is and how to achieve it. It is relevant, easy to understand and informative. This course will really help us explain IPEC to our colleagues, and to move forward towards IPEC.” Dr Jambi Garap, Chair, National Prevention of Blindness Committee of Papua New Guinea. 

“This workshop, these materials are a real treasure to help different NGOs to learn how to influence appropriately. Influencing public policy is very complex…it is for this reason that this initiative seems so valuable to us.” Dr Alexander Paez, Director of Projects, Fundacion Vision.  

 “In the Introduction to Integrated People-Centred Eye Care Course, individuals will learn how to make IPEC a reality – through analysing situations and applying country context and creating an eye care strategic plan that focuses on IPEC. It is invaluable to IAPB Members and stakeholders as they advocate for Ministries to implement IPEC and the goals of 2030 In Sight.” Drew Keys, IAPB Western Pacific Regional Manager. 

Register for the Introduction to Integrated People-Centred Eye Care course, develop your understanding and ensure that your organisation is adapting to make 2030 in sight for all. 

Join IAPB at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE, 2-3 March 2022, where integrated people-centred eye care strategies, implementation and actions will be important topics at this not to be missed event.  

Learn about IAPB’s new 2030 In Sight Strategy and how integrated people-centred eye care is critical during the next decade of action.   

The Introduction to Integrated People-Centred Eye Care Course was supported by The Fred Hollows Foundation through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).