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Ryner Linuma

Ryner is the project manager of the “prevention of avoidable blindness programme in the western regions of Tanzania through provision of comprehensive quality eye care services”. The programme is based in Sumbawanga, which is located in the southwestern part of Tanzania in the rural region of Rukwa. Ryner developed the program out of so called eye camps that are run by the German committee for the prevention of blindness. For the last two years, a European team of nurses and doctors is flying to Sumbawanga to work closely together with local nurses and surgeons. The work is mostly done by the local team and the European team only intervenes supportively. The goal of the eye camp is to contribute to the prevention of avoidable blindness in the Western regions of Tanzania by establishing a good and sustainable eye health care system. As the project manager of the programme, Ryner is responsible for organizing the eye camps, establishing the training programme for the nurses, selecting and referring the nurses and leading the build of the new eye clinic in Sumbawanga, which will be finished in October 2020. He is also the connector between the German and the Tanzanian team, does the cost calculation for the project, stays in contact with the Tanzanian government and much more.

“In the developing countries including Sub-Saharan African countries where situation of provision eye health services is highly challenged, whenever there is an opportunity for planning on provision of Eye Health services needs a person who should stand and lead others to proper plan that will suit the needs by taking into account various factors influencing epidemiology of blindness. The Plan should indicate the sustainability of provision of eye health services in the respective geographical location where various interventions for provision eye health services will be implemented. As a future leader in Eye Care services especially who likes Eye health services to be sustainably provided will always continue to make sure that in planning process for eye health services delivery, there is clear and sustainable eye health services that is participatory planned by all stakeholders, influences ownership of local people targeting human resources training for eye health (HReH), improving infrastructure and quality services delivery by taking into account demographic differences and variation in levels of socioeconomic development, both of which influence the epidemiology of blindness in the country. This means I will ensure that in each region within a country there is clear understanding on the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment and develop appropriate strategies for control.”

-Ryner Linuma

At the eye camp, Ryner has the overview over the different processes and is the contact person for everyone. He is very organized and has a leading character, which helps him manage the different tasks that he has. Ryner is trustworthy and makes decisions in a well thought through and organized manner. With his degree in business and agriculture, Ryner has a different educational background, which enables him to bring in new ideas and to perform on various levels. In addition to that, Ryner has established a wide social network over the past years and has built up good social skills. Ryner wants to ensure that there is a clear understanding and knowledge about eye health care in each region of Tanzania. He also wants to develop strategies for improving eye health care and preventing visual impairment and blindness.

Until now, there are around 20 ophthalmic nurses that passed their training and are working in primary care units in different areas of the region Rukwa. Three assistant medical officer are currently in the training to become cataract surgeons. One of them will soon have the diploma and will then start working as a female cataract surgeon in the new eye clinic in Sumbawanga. The eye health care programme that Ryner initiated is fantastic for the eye health care in the very rural and poor region of Rukwa and a blueprint for other regions. Ryner has established a concrete plan to widen out this project to other regions. With Ryner being the project manager of the eye health care programme, the region of Rukwa as well as other regions in Tanzania have a good chance to develop a sustainable eye health care system.