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Sreemadhu V

The Southern part of Tamil Nadu, India is known to be a challenging region in terms of accessibility and availability of quality eye-care. Sankara Eye Care Institutions has made a significant contribution in providing quality eye care in the deserved regions. So far Sankara has reached out more than 500 villages through their flagship programme called Gift of Vision.

Mr Sreemadhu has been instrumental in scaling up the Eye care interventional programs in southern regions of Tamilnadu through Sankara Eye Care Institutions. Started his career as an executive, currently serving as head of our Sankara Krishnankoil facility located at Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu, India.

He streamlined outreach operations and ensured quality eye care has reached to every corner of rural villages. Due to his interventions, Vision Restoration Surgeries to deserved patients has doubled its capacity. He capitalized the preexisting community networks and scaled up the volunteer base in villages. He is very successful in connecting key partners and government officials in that region and working very closely with District Blindness Control Society (DBCS) office to increase the accessibility of quality eye care to deserved people. He also actively involved in research activities on Vision Centers enabled by Telemedicine facilities and focusing on developing Vision Centers in Rural Villages.

I have been inspired into this journey by our founders Dr R.V. Ramani and Dr Radha Ramani. I am very thankful to Sankara which gave me a meaningful life of serving the needy. It always gives me immense pleasure in reaching out to the community who are in need of eye care and providing them the gift of vision. I am very much proud to be part of blindness eradication movement in most challenging areas. One side motivation from my management and other side blessings from beneficiaries making me to move forward towards providing quality eye care to all.

-Sreemadhu V

Sreemadhu is truly making a difference in the pursuit of eye care to everyone and we are proud to have him as a member of Sankara team. It is for all of his efforts that we feel that he is worthy of being named a 2020 IAPB Eye Health Hero.