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  • Tanzania
  • Group C

Diamond Opticals Ltd

We strive to achieve excellence in vision care. Our main objective is to give affordable eye health services.

  • Malaysia
  • Group C

Association of Malaysian Optometrists

To be the leading organisation representing optometrists in bringing eye and vision care excellence to Malaysians.

  • Group C

Velux Stiftung

Velux Stiftung focuses on projects which transfer their discoveries to initiate change and create impact.

  • India
  • Group C

Kalam Institute of Health Technology (KIHT)

KIHT aims to facilitate focused research on critical components pertaining to medical devices by supporting institutions involved with R&D, industry, policy makers and knowledge repositories.

  • United Kingdom
  • Group C

European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

In order to optimise our current practice and advance clinical science for the benefit of all our patients, present and future. We are especially engaged with ensuring the best patient care and make significant charitable investments in research in Europe and clinical programs in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Germany
  • Group A


CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.

  • Thailand
  • Group C

ASEAN Ophthalmology Society

AOS will reach out to all people and nations of the ASEAN region to promote continuing standards in visual science and the disciplines of Ophthalmology.

  • Brazil
  • Group C

Instituto Suel Abujamra

A NPO serving the Public Unified Health System – SUS in São Paulo since 1978. Now attends 120,000 patients, 740,000 procedures  and 10,000 surgeries annually. Also carries out free First Nation community outcomes in Brazil.

  • Bangladesh
  • Group C

Child Sight Foundation (CSF Global)

Established in 2000, CSF Global (formerly the Child Sight Foundation), works to establish a rights-based inclusive society for children with disability in developing countries throughout the world.

  • United States
  • Group A

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision are specialised in Ophthalmology with services that include products related to cataract and refractive surgery, educational resources for patients and healthcare providers and continued innovation in research to advance the health and well-being of people.

  • Mexico
  • Group C

Consejo Optometria Mexico

OUR MISSION. Take care of the visual and general health of the population in Mexico and promote optometry in professional practice, teaching and research.

  • India
  • Group C

Drishti Netralaya

We believe that by identifying eye conditions and diseases at their earliest stages, we can intervene promptly and effectively.