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Announcing a new global project on eye health financing

Published: 22.07.2020
Focus On Glaucoma

Over the next two months, a project will run that aims to summarise the extent to which eye care services are included in health insurances packages throughout the world, including Africa. The project is being run as part of the Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health which aims to inform priorities for global action on eye health in the coming decade. Results will be reported around the end of the year.

In the coming weeks at least one key informant from each country in the region will be invited to join the project and provide information on health insurance and the costs of cataract surgery in their country. Each person providing this information will be named in the project’s authorship group. A webinar will be arranged shortly for members of the Lancet Commission, including Hannah Faal, Fatima Kyari and Iain Jones, to provide more information and answer questions about the project. Please keep an eye out for details of this webinar in the usual IAPB media channels.

Image on top: People mainly from Masai Ethnic wait in the Health Center of Simanjyro to receive eye care from Foundation La Arruzafa based in Cordoba (Spain). The boy in the middle is the particular guide for his grandfather, the blind old man on the right./Tino Soriano