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Published: 22.07.2020
Vision Atlas

The IAPB Vision Atlas brings together the latest data and evidence related to avoidable blindness and sight loss; tells the story behind the numbers; presents solutions, and good practice; highlights the opportunities to eliminate some blinding conditions; and warns of emerging threats that, if ignored, could reverse the progress that has been made in reducing prevalence over the past 25 years.

In 2020, at this final milestone of Vision 2020, IAPB will be updating the data contained in the Vision Atlas.  Within the IAPB regions, we have been reaching out to our respective focal points in order to gather the most recent Global Action Plan (GAP) Indicator data available for this update.

The data sets resulting from national level input provide a wealth of information relevant to policy makers, health planners, eye health professionals, NGOs, patient groups and advocates.  Over recent months there has been a lot of interest and comments about the Atlas, which is positioning itself as a key resource on eye health so it’s more important than ever that the most up-to-date country data is reflected.

If you feel that you could support the provision of GAP Indicator data for your country, please to contact us.