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Focus On Glaucoma Webinar: North America

Published: 27.02.2019
Focus On Glaucoma

As part of our activities to mark World Glaucoma Week 2019, IAPB presents four webinars to cover the regions of North America, Africa, South East Asia and China/West Pacific for members and partnering organisations to take part in during 10-16 March 2018.

The North America webinar will be led by Alan Robin, Associate Professor Ophthalmology and International Health, Johns Hopkins University and Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan. The speakers will be taking a global perspective and cover a wide range of issues. Josh Ehrlich will discuss what is glaucoma, and its prevalence. Pradeep Ramulu will talk about what does glaucoma do to you? (disabilities and blindness) and Paula Newman-Casey will present on glaucoma therapies, problems and the future.

In 2015, nearly 3 million people were blind due to glaucoma, and 4 million had moderate to severe vision impairment. Estimates suggest that nearly 80 million people will be living with some form of glaucoma by 2020. Many people with glaucoma are not diagnosed until they have become completely blind, particularly in Africa.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]