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IAPB to host annual event in Singapore

Published: 12.01.2023
2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Join us in Singapore
  • IAPB announces dates for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE- Singapore – the eye health sector’s opportunity to join experts and thought leaders from around the world to share ideas and mobilise action to bring eye health to everyone by 2030 
  • 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Singapore will be held on 25 – 26 June in Singapore at the Singapore Eye Research Institute. 

IAPB announces the second consecutive 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE to be held in Singapore and hosted in partnership with the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI). The event attracts hundreds of delegates from around the world to address one of the world’s most pressing development issues – eye care for all.  

The 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE programme will build on discussions from the first event in 2022, to further define the strategies and research that will elevate vision as a fundamental economic, social and development issue, integrate eye health into wider health care systems and activate patient, consumer and market change.  

Peter Holland, CEO IAPB said ‘We know we must work differently to make sure eyesight receives the global political, health and development priority it needs and deserves. I invite everyone from the eye care sector, as well as colleagues beyond the sector to join us to help build a shared understanding of the systemic change needed to ensure 2030 is in sight for everyone.” 

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is the premier opportunity to align efforts, create new connections, share insights, develop new ideas and learn in a format that celebrates and is driven by attendee input and participation. 

‘When we work together we generate better solutions. . The more voices we add to these important discussions, the more likely we are to achieve 2030 In Sight. I encourage you to extend this invitation to your networks and we look forward to coming together in Singapore in June,’ added Holland. 

“It is my pleasure to invite you all to 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Singapore. We are excited about the opportunities of holding this important event in SERI, and look forward to a stimulating, rewarding and meaningful discussion and networking session for all participants,” Prof Jodhbir Mehta, Executive Director of SERI remarked. 

The end of avoidable sight loss is within our grasp, and together we must push harder than ever before to help deliver this ambition. Join IAPB in Singapore and be part of the radical change needed. Visit 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE to register and join the mailing list for event updates, including the full programme, preferential hotel rates and information on how to join the event online.