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Published: 06.10.2022

Support for global campaign builds ahead of World Sight Day

Led by IAPB this year’s World Sight Day theme is #LoveYourEyes and support continues to grow as we head towards the global awareness day happening on Thursday 13th October 2022.

Each year World Sight Day increases in reach, and this year is no exception. IAPBs network of almost 200 members organisations are uniting and inspiring millions of people to help tell the world how important it is to Love Your Eyes.

World Sight Day is an opportunity to focus the world’s attention on the importance of eye care. This year, IAPB is leading the call for people to prioritise their eye health and asking the world’s leaders to ensure eye care is accessible, available, and affordable to everyone everywhere.

We are asking people to participate in World Sight Day 2022 by:

Alongside vision screenings happening at Parliaments around the world including Capitol Hill, Washington, New Zealand Parliament, Wellington, and the Belize Cabinet, Belmopan, IAPB is joining its members to hold a special vision screening at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

IAPB is also hosting the first ever ‘Love Your Eyes Voices’ event.  Hosted at the Japan Society in New York, this series of short, inspiring talks followed by a reception will be the first in-person opportunity to celebrate the landmark UN Resolution on Vision for Everyone and its impact on progress towards available, affordable and accessible eye care globally. People can register for the event on the IAPB website.

Ahead of World Sight Day Peter Holland CEO of IAPB said “I’d like to thank the entire sight sector for once again uniting behind World Sight Day. It is incredible to see people from around the world getting involved.

“So many eye health organisations, professionals and individuals have already pledged their sight tests. Our sights are set on a target of five million pledges this year. I encourage everyone to take a moment to prioritise their eye health by making a pledge today at

“World Sight Day is always an important opportunity to raise awareness for eye health on a global scale. It serves as a reminder to take care of our own eyes and helps inform the world that there are still over a billion people on this planet who cannot get the eye care they need.”