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Vision Excellence Awards – M to R

The awards recognises the achievements of individuals during the twenty years of VISION 2020.

Maria Hagan
Maria Hagan

University of Ghana Medical School

She is often referred to as “the mother of eye health” in Ghana due to her unflinching commitment and invaluable contribution to eye health issues globally and Ghana in particular…

Associate Professor Marcus Ang Han Nian
Marcus Ang Han Nian

Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)

In Singapore, he initiated the Mobile Eye Clinic (MEC) supported by the Standard Chartered Bank ‘Seeing is Believing’ program…

Dr. Mazhar Awan
Mazhar Awan

Vision Trust

He has been the engine of creating and delivering high quality eyecare available and accessible to all…

Dr. Mitch Brinks
Mitch Brinks

Oregon Health & Science University

Mitch notes being humbled by the opportunity to serve with the global community…

Dr Mundi Qoqonokana
Mundi Qoqonokana

Pacific Eye Institute (PEI)

Dr Mundi has worked for years delivering high-quality eye care to patients and supporting the training of new specialists across the Pacific region…

Dr Munir Ahmed
Munir Ahmed

Orbis International Bangladesh

As a doctor with further training in tropical medicine and hygiene, management of public health and social development…

Dr. Naomi Nsubuga
Naomi Nsubuga

Vision Aid Overseas

Dr. Nsubuga has worked as a Regional Programme Manager for an international NGO managing community eye health projects in Eastern Africa in 5 countries…

Ngy Meng
Ngy Meng

Eye Care Foundation

Professor Meng specialised in eye health and was one of the first ophthalmologists to receive a Professor of Ophthalmology title in 2012…

Ningli Wang
Ningli Wang

Beijing Tongren Hospital

Prof. Wang dedicated great efforts in blinding trachoma elimination and reducing blindness rate of cataract…

Olivier Rabenjamina
Olivier Rabenjamina

Lion Sight First of Madagascar (LSFM)

Under Olivier’s leadership, LSFM has exemplified that uniting efforts of Lion’s volunteers along with other agencies and government can indeed make a huge impact for good…

Dr Ramachandra Pararajasegaram
Ramachandra Pararajasegaram

WHO Regional Advisor and Consultant

Para played a key role in launching VISION 2020: The Right to Sight and was the President of IAPB from 1994-1999…

Paul Courtright
Paul Courtright

Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology

Dr. Paul Courtright and Dr. Susan Lewallen were presented with the prestigious International Blindness Prevention Award…

Pedro A. Gomez Bastar
Pedro A. Gomez Bastar

Instituto de la Vision

El Dr. Gómez, con su equipo, ha realizado los 3 estudios de epidemiología en Ceguera en México (2005 y 2014 en N.L., 2010 en Chiapas), publicado en revistas internacionales y avalado por la Organización Panamericana de la Salud..

Peter Ackland
Peter Ackland

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

Peter has worked towards developing eye health services and the elimination of avoidable blindness and visual impairment for the past 15 years…

Petja Vassileva
Petja Vassileva

Ophthalmology at Sofia Medical University

She has published over 300 scientific articles and is author and co-author of 16 monographs and textbooks…

Dr. Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah

Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International

Dr. Shah has committed her entire life to humanitarian eyecare, traveling to countries like Peru, Brazil, Mongolia, China, Fiji, and Lebanon, as well as all over India…

Rainald Duerkson
Rainald Duerkson

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

As Regional Chair, Dr Duerksen played a critical role in expanding VISION 2020 Latin America to the entire region, and ensuring close ties with WHO PAHO…

Prof. Dr. Ram Prasad Pokhrel
Ram Prasad Pokhrel

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS)

Dr. Pokhrel approached the international community advocating and appealing to provide support to combat blindness in Nepal…

Professor Redda Tekle Haimot
Redda Tekle Haimot

Grarbet Tehadiso Mahber (GTM)

He has driven the values of the V2020 initiative throughout his tireless work over the past two decades…

Reshma Dabideen
Reshma Dabideen


She personified these standards in her early days as a practicing optometrist, and has championed this in her work at Orbis, BHVI and now at OneSight…

Richard Le Mesurier
Richard Le Mesurier

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

Richard’s contribution to community eye health and public health ophthalmology has been extraordinary, being recognised by others as the ‘grandfather of ophthalmology in the Pacific’…

Professor Ridha Mabrouk
Ridha Mabrouk

Nadi Al Bassar

Prof. Mabrouk was the head of the Ophthalmology Department and Faculty of Medicine in Tunis for more than 40 years…

Rishi Raj Borah
Rishi Raj Borah

Orbis India

Rishi’s leadership has enabled Orbis to leverage technology and applications like ICOM and REACHSOFT for an effective programme data gathering, implementation, monitoring and evaluation…

Professor Robert Casson
Robert Casson

Sight For All

He is a founding board member of the ophthalmologist-led, evidence-based NGO, Sight for All, and serves as their Chief Scientific Advisor.

Robert E Molter Jr, OD
Robert E Molter Jr, OD


Dr Molter’s enthusiasm for Vietnam and education is contagious and as member of our VOSH Corps Committee and chairman of our Ambassadors’ Programme…

Ronnie Graham
Ronnie Graham

Vision Aid Overseas (VAO)

Ronnie is passionate about positive social change and is particularly interested in the interrelationship between poverty and eye health…

Rupert Broune
Rupert Bourne

Vision Loss Expert Group of the Global Burden of Disease Study

Prof Bourne’s collaborative research with the World Health Organisation has provided the 2015 prevalence data that underpins the WHOs World Report on Vision (2019)…