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Published: 05.06.2023
Simon Darvill Director of Communications, Campaigns and Events
Love Your Eyes At Work

The collective power of the sector and beyond has proved itself. Over the last two World Sight Days, we have worked together to increase awareness of eye care for individuals near and far, young and old. The Love Your Eyes campaign has provided us with a solid platform to share World Sight Day further and push its important messages for longer.   

With the continued support of our World Sight Day Global Partners, IAPB Members, decision makers, celebrities, the eye health sector and the public, we have focused the world’s attention on the importance of eye health.

Our campaigning tactics – calling for pledges to #LoveYourEyes, organizing impressive global challenges, challenging knowledge about eye health tips with an online quiz, asking the world to share powerful images of what it means to Love Your Eyes, supporting activists to raise their voice for change and representation, bringing together thought leaders to champion eye health have all brought us to this moment. Where together, we are louder and bolder, and we cut through the noise to grab the attention of the media globally. 

World Sight Day 2023 will build on the successes of the last two years and continue to lean on the support of those whose tireless efforts help grow awareness and increase visibility.

We know that the world is a safer, more productive place when we prioritise the eye health of its workforce. The research tells us that correcting vision with glasses increases productivity by more than 20%, decreases rates of early retirement, and results in drivers. These figures and many more paint a picture of the critical importance of eye care in the workplace.
We want to bring the world’s attention to how integral eye care is to all places of work, and this year World Sight Day will be doing just that under the umbrella theme – ‘Love Your Eyes at Work’.

From farms to factory floors, from taxi ranks to tech startups we will be calling on employers and employees to focus on how we can help them to Love Your Eyes at Work. We know all too well that failing to provide employees with eye care is costly – in time, money and on the individual’s vision.

Making eye care central to how businesses operate will ensure workers gain more working years and increase their earning potential.  

To highlight the importance of this, this year’s World Sight Day will see us increase our eye test pledge target, calling on our Global Partners, IAPB Members, the sector and the public to help us reach 10 million pledges to #LoveYourEyes.

Our global challenge will see eye tests and screenings carried out in workplaces around the world. We are supplying resources that help both business owners and workers prioritise their eye health at work.  In addition, our staple resource hub of toolkits, social media assets and information packs are available to help ensure your involvement meets.  

It is with the support of our World Sight Day Global Partners that I call on you to join the World Sight Day campaign.  Make the most of the resources available and activate your involvement in the #LoveYourEyes campaign so that we can create some collective waves and move closer towards eye care that is available, accessible, and affordable for all by 2030.  

We look forward to hearing about your World Sight Day plans. To keep us updated on what you will be doing to celebrate or to ask for support, please contact [email protected]. 

IAPB World Sight Day 2023 Global Partners