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Eye Health Heroes 2020

The Eye Health Heroes initiative provides the eye health sector with the opportunity to recognise and celebrate frontline staff and managers – who are 35 years and younger – whose work and engagement with the community makes a real difference in restoring sight.

Who are Eye Health Heroes?

Introduced at the 9th General Assembly in 2012, the Eye Health Hero programme is a recognition to front line staff whose work in the field and engagement in the community makes a real difference in aiding vision and restoring sight all around the globe.

Each hero is named by an IAPB member organisation or their partners to recognise those exemplary workers whose efforts are seldom in the limelight.

Our Eye Health Heroes work with passion, purpose and determination to improve peoples’ lives all over the world. They are the change-makers, innovators and emerging leaders from across all areas and backgrounds in eye health.

Eye Health Heroes inspire all of us to achieve a world free of avoidable blindness and visual impairment. Whether they are managers, community workers, health professionals or government officials their efforts and stories deserve to be shared.

Check out below the inspiring stories of eye care professionals from across the IAPB membership.

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