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Change-makers are motivated to act. They turn good ideas into action and they keep trying until they have made a difference. From embedding eye health in health systems, changing corporate behaviour or bringing about policy change they are actively bringing positive change through their actions.

We are delighted to showcase our Eye Health Heroes – Change-makers for 2020. They represent the diversity of eye health practice and the promise of what youth and new ideas can achieve in the sector. Do see and celebrate the Heroes listed here – each panel lists their work and impact.

Alexander Paez Matallana

Project Coordinator, Fundación Vision

He is committed to sustainable change and advocating for policy development through research…

Ambika Sapkota

Vision Technician, Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital

Trained in vision screening, refraction, general eye disease diagnosis, for her respect is a two-way…

Dipak Kumar Sah

Spokesperson, Nepalese Association of Optometrists

He has organised over 300 eye camps with organizations in rural Nepal reaching over 60,000 people…


CEO, Co-Founder, OUI Inc.

Eisuke is one of the founders of this Japanese start-up from Keio University School of Medicine…

Geeta Fulari
Geeta Fulari

Manager, Quality Assurance, Sankara Eye Care

She single-handedly initiated implementing Quality assurance and Patient safety norms in every unit…

Indra Sharma
Indra Prasad Sharma

Clinical Optometrist, GCW National Eye Center

As a clinician, he marshals professional expertise in clinical refraction and has performed over 70,000 refraction…

Issam-Eddine Elleuch
Issam-Eddine Elleuch

Asst. Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Tunis

He has helped perform hundreds of cataract surgeries, and campaigns for blindness prevention…

Jalikatu Mustapha
Jalikatu Mustapha

Ophthalmologist, Connaught Hospital

She helped assess eye health services in Sierra Leone as well the very first cataract audit research…

Lucky Aziken
Lucky Aziken

CEO, Vision Care Givers International Initiative

He started a mobile eye clinic, providing essential services and drugs to patients in their homes…

Musrat Shaheen
Musrat Shaheen

Optometrist, Al Shifa Trust

Musrat is one of those heroes of optometry in Pakistan, travelling hundreds of miles in remote…

Sujata Bhandari

Clinic In-charge, NNJS LEI District Eye Center

Her efforts saw agreements with rural municipalities for free/subsidized cataract surgeries…

Sulekha Rana
Sulekha Rana

Manager, VisionSpring

My goal is to ensure that no commercial vehicle driver meets with an accident due to blurry vision…

Tolossa Bikila
Tolossa Bikila

Cataract surgeon, Goba Hospital

For Tolossa, being an ophthalmic nurse was not enough if there was no one operating on cataracts…

Vincent Mendy
Vincent Mendy

Regional Program Coordinator, OneSight

He is rolling out vision centers in Liberia, and leading charitable programming for Africa…

Vera Carneiro

Member, Professional Association of Optometrists

She engages with & elicits change in the way eye care is provided by the Portuguese Ministry of health…

Asitkumar S. Jadhav

With the clear intention of doing good for the society and delivering primary eye care services..

Dr. Ingrid Yazmín Pita Ortiz

During her ophthalmology fellowship, she participated in several charity campaigns organized by the hospital…