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Future Leaders

Future Leaders recognises that leaders can emerge at all levels and in all roles across eye health but share essential characteristics: they are high performers in their roles, influence others, show potential and are open to learning and growing from each experience.

We are delighted to showcase our Eye Health Heroes – Future Leaders for 2020. They represent the diversity of eye health practice and the promise of what youth and new ideas can achieve in the sector. Do see and celebrate the Heroes listed here – each panel lists their work and impact.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha

Program Manager, Orbis International

A quiet achiever with sound knowledge and understanding of what it takes to lead difficult projects…

Ana Jeissy Blanquel García
Ana Jeissy Blanquel García

Atención Comunitaria de la Carrera de Optometría

Porque no podemos limitarnos sólo al paciente que llega al consultorio y a sus ojos enfermos…

Clelia Crespo Nano
Clelia Crespo Nano

Medica Oftalmologa, Fundacion Hugo Nano

Recibida en la facultad de medicina de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el 2010 con un promedio…

Evelin Morales
Evelin Grisel Morales Basilio

Optometrist, Ver Bien Para Aprender Mejor

She received her a special recognition from her university for her paper on dry eye…

Francis Chiemelie Unachukwu
Francis Chiemelie Unachukwu

Optometrist, Army Command and NAOWA Hospital

He has served in various capacities in the Nigerian Optometric Association including WSD…

Grace Chew
Grace Chew

ASEAN Philanthropy Coordinator, Essilor Vision Foundation

She pioneered village screening in Indonesia and has worked on vision care access in East Java…

Jairo Antonio Mercado
Jairo Antonio Mercado

Faculty, School of Optometry, Nicaragua

He offers clinical and leadership skills to inspire new generations of optometrists in Nicaragua…

Junu Shreshta
Junu Shrestha

Clinical optometrist, Health Foundation of Nepal

She has managed more than 100 eye screening camps in different parts of Nepal…

Lauren Hutchinson
Lauren Hutchinson

Optometrist, Eyewear Specs

She is passionate about rural and Indigenous eye care and addressing health needs in New South Wales…

Luke Weinel
Luke Weinel

Deputy Chair, EBAANZ

He is the youngest ever executive of the eye bank association for Australia and New Zealand…

Naadhira Ndukuya

Country Manager, South Africa, OneSight

Her inclusive management style always keeps the teams working hard, feeling empowered and confident…

Patrick Ndongmo

Technical Advisor, Onchocerciasis, Sightsavers

He is a true asset and has demonstrated a personal commitment towards the elimination of river blindness…

Pereira Antonia
Pereira Antonio Rumeque

Optometrista, Misau-DPSI

Neste momento lidera uma equipe, pequena, estao a trabalhar, a todo o gas…

Ryner Linuma
Ryner Linuma

Project manager, German committee for the prevention of blindness

He is responsible for organizing eye camps, establishing training build of the new eye clinic in Sumbawanga…

Sarhej Nava
Sarhej Nava García

Ophthalmologist, Instituto Mexicano de Oftalmologia IAP

She has been an exceptional student and is all set to be trained in Cornea at LVPEI…

Shakti Prasad
Shakti Prasad Subedi

Ophthalmologist, Nepal Red Cross Surkhet Eye Hospital

He is now the only phaco surgeon in his province and popular among patients, staff, and partners…

Shamim Khan
Shamim Khan

Manager, Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital

A biomedical engineer, he also manages community outreach and vision centres in Bangladesh…

Sreemadhu V

Unit Head, Sankara Eye Care Institutions

He has been instrumental in scaling up the Eye care interventional programmes in Tamil Nadu…

Sumit Grover
Sumit Grover

Ophthalmologist, Manthan Eye Healthcare Foundation

He has organised various Health awareness camps in far off rural areas for the community…

Fatima Zehra

Project Manager, Vision Trust

She is proactive, committed, positive, well equipped with sound technical knowledge and background to provide rock solid support to the projects..

Fanuel Nyakonda
Fanuel Nyakonda

Ophthalmic Nurse, CBM Global

He is always thorough and exercises due diligence in his work and this leads to consistent high quality work..

Ming NI
Ming NI

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Ming’s experience includes developing, implementing, and managing rural eye care projects..

Azyadeh Camacho Ordonez
Azyadeh Camacho Ordonez

Fundación Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Luz

Dr. Camacho joined our hospital in 2014; during her residency and fellowship..