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Sumit Grover

Dr Sumit Grover is a young, ardent and dynamic ophthalmologist, academician and public health professional. With credentials D.N.B (Ophthal.), M.B.A (Hospital Administration), MPH (LSHTM, Uni. Of London) and FICO (UK) and, experience from one of the best institutes in the country Dr. Grover has acquired profound knowledge of his field of practice.

The thing that really enthrals me working for MEHF is the principle that training and empowering people is the key to sustainable change which matches with my idea of strengthening the existing eye healthcare systems and device new ways of providing better healthcare at an affordable prices by combining technology and traditional methods with active involvement of the local community specially in developing countries.

-Sumit Grover

Dr Grover has conducted and organised various Health awareness camps in far off rural areas for the community, visited various blind schools, and NGO’s for eye health screening and awareness camps across states starting from his ophthalmology training days .

With this fervent vision for community and self-devotion, he founded an NGO named Manthan Eye Healthcare Foundation (MEHF) in early 2013 which was formalized in 2017. MEHF is a registered not for profit and non-government charitable organization with a mission to provide standard eye health care services to those segments of the society who have only limited access to eye health care due to low income, disability and other limitations; by organizing various screening and medical eye camps across Haryana and neighboring states. With the vision to emerge as an organization par excellence in the field of community eye health care, the MEHF family today has over 1,000 members who are working constantly for promotion of health care activities, to raise awareness about the importance of healthy vision among masses. Till now thousands people have been screened for eye diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma.

Dr Sumit is great team builder and has qualities of a true leader. He envisions that to combat the gigantic but not insurmountable problem of avoidable blindness from the world specially developing countries proper education and training of non-ophthalmologist human resource is of vital importance. He is an outstanding academician currently working as Associate professor at department of optometry and vision sciences in a well reputed university in north India.

He believes that developing a humanitarian aspect is of vital importance in addition to fostering one’s health professional career and always motivates the entire team to be empathetic and respectful to the patients and people in the community.
Dr Grover practice constant learning and self-improvement and has recently got trained in community ophthalmology from ICEH, LSHTM with awarded scholarship. Dr Sumit is an individual with moral values and ethics.

I am glad to write this reference letter Knowing him and his strengths, I strongly recommend Dr Sumit’s candidacy for Eye health heroes 2020.