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Vision Excellence Awards: Srini Karthikeyan

Sankara Eye Foundation India is a pan India organization with 43 Years of Service in the area wherein there is a felt need “Community Eye Care” —  providing high quality eye care at the door steps of rural India on a Pan India approach.

Through 11 Sankara Eye Hospitals, over 2 million free eye surgeries have been performed so far and over 5 million children screened for visual defects. It all happened due to the tireless efforts of dedicated and committed Human Resource of Sankara Eye Hospitals working as a unanimous team with purpose which is an important contributor.

For any organization and its success Human Resource is the key, it is like the software of the organization. Ms. Srini Karthikeyan is a young and passionate HR Professional currently heading human resource department in Sankara. She has played phenomenal role in establishing a highly committed and motivated team. She has laid down a transparent approach with process and systems in place. Being part of the Sankara team for over a decade and due to her timely interventions, Sankara could able to scale up to perform 1.5 Lakhs free eye surgeries every year.

She strongly believes that Valuable Individuals builds Valuable Organization. She is the forefront in creating local community empowerment and employing rural talents. A rewarding work culture introduced by her has helped attract and retain high caliber of work force.

Her seamless passion towards innovation & Institution building has enabled Sankara to scale up as pan India institution. It was her efforts that the HR function in Sankara has undergone major revolution. The strategic planning designed by her has taken the HR operations to a whole new level which helped organization to serve employees better and keep them motivated on our mission.

Bringing Robotics Process Automation (RPA) in to payroll process is an example of her innovative thinking. Srini primarily focused on evolving and equipping Sankara’s human resource with the best and latest practices and techniques available in the industry. She is a lead member in Ladies Circle of India group and key person in launching Project Drishyam – A community eye care program launched pan India partnering with Sankara Eye Foundation India.

Srini, justifies the role, by engaging herself fully focused on the opportunities that help eradicate needless blindness. Be it team building, goal setting, assigning responsibilities, she has walked hand in hand with the team. This nature of hers has helped the team and the vision of the organization come true.

She is an invaluable asset for Sankara. She lives in the philosophy of Dalai Lama, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them” and is led by the above saying.