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Jubin Jacob Mathew

Jubin Mathew is the youngest country director at DOT Glasses, a B2B social enterprise delivering disruptive vision care to the developing world. DOT Glasses’ innovative adjustable one-size-fits-all frames, a radical lens concept and easy vision testing tools enable access to improved vision for people in even the most remote areas without the need for eye doctors, expensive customization, and complicated logistics (more at

Jubin has been with the organization for nearly 2 years. He has displayed extraordinary qualities and results while leading DOT Glasses in India, and he’s been instrumental in scaling up the DOT Glasses presence in the country. He is able to interact with, and manage, multiple stakeholders with ease, and he’s initiated partnerships with funders, corporates, eye care organizations, healthcare startups, grassroots NGOs as well as State Governments. He has contributed to streamlining many of the operational and logistical processes and added his valuable insights to develop outreach tools. Under his leadership, the India team has created useful content, structured processes, and fostered a number of successful pilots across Southern, Eastern and Northern India. The pilots he designed and led have given birth to many improvements, and his feedback have contributed to product upgrades.

Jubin is a champion for diversity and inclusion, with long-standing interests in lifelong learning. He is an “all-rounder” when it comes to handling partners, training vision entrepreneurs, designing and developing training tools, taking charge of administrative needs and even strategically innovating localized implementation models. He has shown immense persistence and grit to work around roadblocks by finding solutions to bridge the gap for partners to adopt the DOT Glasses solution and meet the vision impairment challenge in the country. He has also incorporated valuable local resources to further improve the cost efficiency and sustainability of the solution.

Given the unique versatility of his skill set and experience, he understands grassroots realities and challenges. His commitment, passion and proactiveness to make affordable prescription glasses accessible and available to the poorest of the poor in even the most remote locations, makes him a promising future leader in eyecare.

“Despite being extremely exciting, my role comes with its unique set of challenges. However, being in a position to foster positive change drives me to push harder. Transforming communities and impacting lives through a sustainable scalable model is what I strive for and having the opportunity to fulfill that desire with DOT Glasses makes me feel complete.

Nothing is more rewarding than to bring together various stakeholders and drive a mass movement to ensure that every human in even the remotest parts of the world has access to better vision and is aware of the importance of good vision.”

– Jubin Jacob Mathew