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Rajesh joined Aravind Madurai on 4th April 2016 and transferred to AEH Chennai from 3rd February 2020. He has shown exemplary leadership in Community Outreach Projects for the past two years with courage and conviction. He has successfully transformed to the role and has had an enormous yet quiet impact in his community outreach activities. As camps were stopped during the Covid pandemic, rural poor patients are operated through a thoughtful approach of community referral system. The average admission in camp was 40 and 45 respectively in 2018 and 2019. Leading through effective strategies the average admission per camp is raised to 70 in 2021 thus serving the community in an elegant way.

He has been showing innovations and skills in writing newsletters about the progress of Mid-Level Ophthalmic Personnel in this organization. Newsletters are a remarkable activity in this organisation aimed to connect the MLOP with their parents digitally. This helps the parents to understand the value of their role as an eye care staff and to make them proud . We have recruited more than 100 MLOPs in this year with the output of Newsletters. This was widely appreciated by management, community and parents. He shows his excellence in new hospital settings in the project of setting up 8 Vision Centers. He did exceptionally well with a thoughtful approach in identifying places, standardizing designs, protocol, reaching community and monitoring day to day operations.

His accomplishment are very much focused on patient centric approaches. He is also good in writing proposals and overseeing CSR projects of various corporates. 2021 people got operated through various projects last year. He is also involved in delivering patient care efficiently through awareness videos, audios and write up. He always sees the good side of people and encourages other staff members to do the same. He takes time to listen and makes sure all team members are included in providing ideas to make thoughtful and inclusive decisions. He has established a renewed and reinvigorated spirit of cooperation and collaboration with many other people. His honesty, friendly and considerate nature make him a future leader.

“I love this role which gives me an opportunity to exhibit my talents. I have a degree of control and freedom within my job. Management trusts me to produce high quality work and results. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and goal to achieve the mission of eliminating needless blindness. The mission of caring for people while they suffer is one of the most sacred trusts that exist in the health care field. I get great satisfaction in being in a role in which I can make a small difference in someone’s life.”

– Rajesh