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Eye Health Hero: Manuel Salvado Pérez Arriola

Manuel Salvado Pérez Arriola

Manuel Salvador Pérez Arriola graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Optometry from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua – Managua 2011-2016. He has a Master’s Degree in Scientific Research Methods from UNAN – Managua 2020, and is a candidate for the Doctoral Program in Management and Quality of Scientific Research at UNAN – Managua 2021 – 2023.

Dr Pérez has received postgraduate courses in Bioethics and applied Biostatistics. He has a diploma in Project Formulation and Evaluation from the “Emprenda program”. He has been participating in Neurophysiology and Visual Psychophysics courses (University of Granada – UNAN – Managua). Ophthalmic Lens Adaptation Course 2014, Polytechnic University of Catalonia – UNAN – Managua. Rigid Gas Permeable Scleral Contact Lenses Adaptation Course. International Association of Contact Lens Educators, 2019. Pedagogical Training and Critical Thinking Courses. Biosafety courses Applied to optics, 2020. Ocular Pharmacology Course, and Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema Screening Workshop course by AMD.

Since April 2021 he has been the promoter and founder of the Latin American Council for Research in Optometry – CLIO, this being an organization that has been contributing to the strengthening of scientific research in the field of optometry and visual health in Latin America, through the integration of professionals, researchers, teachers and coordinators of optometry programmes and careers from various universities in Latin America. Currently the MSc. Manuel Pérez, was elected for unanimity as president of the Latin American Council for Research in Optometry.

He is a member of the Legislation Committee and the Education Committee of the Latin American Association of Opticians and Optometrists since 2020. Member of the board of directors of the National Association of Opticians and Optometrists of Nicaragua since 2016. Founder of the research student group of the Career of Medical Optometry since 2018.

Manuel Pérez, is an Associate Professor at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, is a member of the curricular commission of the Medical Optometry Career, and main professor of the subjects of General Physiology, Ocular Physiology, Geometric Optics and Optometry I and II. He is a professor of clinical and community practices, has experience in advising end-of-degree research projects to graduates of Medical optometry from UNAN – Managua. He is a mentor and innovation evaluator under the R + D + I models of UNAN – Managua. He is part of the multidisciplinary research group on visual health of the UNAN – Managua and has been a promoter and collaborator in optometry brigade projects, He was part of the training programme in visual acuity screening for primary school teachers of the department of Jinotega – Nicaragua. In 2016, he was Coordinator of the Visual Health Fair Days, with the slogan “Vision 2020, vision without limits” visual health in health fairs at the university, He was Co-coordinator of the First National Congress of Optometry Update, by the National Association of Opticians and Optometrists of Nicaragua. made in 2018.

“Our hero is the president of the CLIO Consejo Latinoamericano de Investigación en Optometría in Latin America by integrating 22 university institutions, 3 international organizations and 3 Associations around the change of research in optometry. Leading projects in education, outreach and research for Latin America. Among the projects he is leading are: diagnosis of macrocompetencies of the professional training of Latin American Optometry, Diagnosis of refractive comorbidities and visual deficiencies in 15 countries of the region and diagnosis of the profile of researchers in optometry in Latin America. Dr Pérez has the challenge of the change allows strategic alliances to carry out projects and improve the quality of life of the population in the visual health area in Latin America. Our hero is a visionary being who has been a manager of change in optometry in Latin America, uniting leaders, universities and international associations. Manuel has made it possible to position optometry vision with commitment: the change is now !!!!”

– Colegio Latinoamericano de Investigación en Optometría- CLIO