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Vision for a Nation to merge with Vision Aid Overseas

Published: 05.01.2022
Brothers Alpha and David with their new spectacles

Vision Aid Overseas and Vision for a Nation would like to announce their intention to work closer together.  They hope to better serve their shared mandate of enabling people living in poverty to access affordable eye care and glasses and achieve greater efficiency and impact in how they deliver their work by coming together.

This collaboration demonstrates commitment from both Vision Aid Overseas and Vision For A Nation, who together with Operation Eyesight Universal previously formed a consortium to deliver comprehensive eye care in Ghana. Vision for a Nation created the Vision Hub in Ghana to share office facilities and mutual technical expertise with consortium partners and Vision Spring. Both Vision Aid Overseas and Vision for a Nation share similar structures and governance and have benefitted from a good working relationship built over the last five years, starting in 2017.

Vision for a Nation will wind down and close, no longer formally trading by June 2022. Continuing the ground-breaking work that Vision for a Nation, founded by the philanthropist James Chen,  has achieved so far, it is proposed that their programmes, knowledge, and expertise will be transferred to Vision Aid Overseas.

Vision for a Nation has a strong legacy of impact in Rwanda and Ghana, particularly in strengthening Primary Eye Care to deliver vision screening and ensure access to glasses at scale and for those living in underserved communities. Vision Aid Overseas will continue to provide Vision for a Nation’s programme in Ghana, in line with  their mission “to make eye care globally accessible and to unlock economic growth and human potential of the world’s poorest communities.”

Vision Aid Overseas has committed to exploring and piloting technological innovations to increase impact and further develop effective fundraising and communications to attain scale and maximize impact as part of the transfer of programs.

Vision Aid Overseas has invited  both Vision for a Nation’s CEO and a trustee to join their Board of Trustees.  It has also invited Vision for a Nation’s founder, James Chen, to become a Patron of Vision Aid Overseas. This will help to embed  Vision For A Nation’s spirit of innovation and assist in the transformation that this opportunity brings.

Detailed work will begin in earnest, and further communications will be circulated at the appropriate time. Should anyone have any queries concerning this press release, please contact Vision Aid Overseas: [email protected] or Vision for a Nation: [email protected].

“ We are very excited about this opportunity to do more to  bring eye care and glasses to where they are needed and change thousands of lives for the better.”

Nicola Chevis, CEO Vision Aid Overseas, and Tony Hulton, CEO Vision For a Nation

Image on top: Brothers Alpha and David with their new spectacles/Graham Coates