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Jeff Mudenda

Jeff Mudenda is a change-maker! He has shown immense innovation and leadership in establishing and strengthening supply chain processes for OneSight’s work in the Africa region. Jeff has evolved in his OneSight role over the past few years in the country of Zambia, starting as a Laboratory Manager and then being promoted to his current role as Associate Director – Regional Supply Chain – Africa. OneSight has grown to have 48 vision centers in Zambia over the past four years. Jeff has shown that he is motivated to act, build new processes, and drive change in order to scale operations to serve those in need of vision care.

Jeff spent years learning the operations and helping build an eyewear supply chain to support manufacturing and deliver quality glasses to patients within the country. As a leader in the National Optical Laboratory, Jeff has standardized manufacturing and inventory processes with the team, trained others on the staff, and set the operational foundation for growth in Zambia. As the number of glasses being made has exponentially grown in the region, Jeff has helped revolutionize processes in collaboration with others to support these new needs.

Jeff involves OneSight’s team members as well as OneSight’s in-country partners and many vendors in establishing end-to-end processes to ensure future success. When challenges arise, Jeff attacks them head on with action, collaboration, and prioritization to ensure glasses continue to be made to serve the vision center patients.

Jeff has also been heavily involved in new vision center launches, monitoring and equipment servicing in the region. He coordinates with team members to ensure that new OneSight vision centers have all the equipment and products needed to offer quality care.

With his respectful, and yet impactful character, Jeff has become a strong leader and was recently promoted to lead supply chain for OneSight’s work in the entire Africa region. He continues to work to optimize processes and create efficiencies for long term sustainability and success. Jeff can manage any initiative from inception to implementation, and see it to completion successfully.

Jeff has grown in his role and his successes in Zambia, and this is due to his leadership, innovative mind, and ability to take new ideas and make them a reality.

“What I love about my job is the thought that every pair of glasses manufactured and delivered is going to have an impact in someone’s life. I have been involved in manufacturing and distribution of over 10,000 pairs of glasses since joining OneSight, and I realise that I will never meet most of the people that have received these glasses. But, I am happy that I had an opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the feeling gets me up every morning knowing there are more lives I can touch by doing my job.”

– Jeff Mudenda