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Sundar Rana

Sundar Rana is from Syanja District of Nepal. At the age of three, his family moved to the neighboring district Palpa in Rampur municipality. Sundar started his education in Rampur and excelled in his studies. After completing 10th grade, he wanted to study to be a Health Assistant, but at the time there was no college providing Health Assistant training in Palpa District. Sundar’s family could not afford to send him to a different district, so he joined the local college.

One of Seva’s supported hospitals, Palpa Lions Lacaul Eye Hospital (PLLEH), has organized eye camps for many years in remote areas of the Palpa District, including Rampur. The camps are organized in collaboration with local organizations who publicize and help with logistics during the camp. In the case of Rampur, Jyoti Punja Youth Club took this responsibility. Sandar was a life member of the club and had interest in doing social work, so he volunteered in the camp in 2009. Sundar helped register patients and take visual acuity. After the surgical camp in Rampur, a tourist philanthropist named Mr. Kajumasa Kakimi wanted to support the establishment of an eye care center in Rampur. In collaboration with PLLEH and Jyoti Punja Youth Club, they opened a permanent center in Rampur so that year-round service was possible.

PLLEH requested the local club to select candidates for a three-year Ophthalmic Assistant (OA) training programme, so they could work at the center. Chairperson of the club, Mr. Hutaraj Pokhrel, selected five local volunteers who were highly active at the eye camp in Rampur. Two candidates succeeded in the entrance exam, one of whom was Sundar. Sundar received a scholarship from Seva for three years of OA training. He completed the training in 2012 and by 2013, he became the first Clinic in Charge of Rampur Primary Eye Care Center (PECC).

Today, Rampur PECC provides service to about 10,000 patients and performs 250 cataract surgeries annually. Sundar has been able to coordinate with PLLEH and Butwal Eye Hospital to conduct monthly surgical camps in Rampur.

Because of Sundar’s experience and skills, the center is running smoothly in a remote place like Rampur. He aims to eventually convert Rampur Eye Care Center into a Secondary Hospital so that comprehensive eye care can be provided. Until then, the community still benefits immensely from his work. He feels happy to serve his local community.

“I love the opportunity to serve the community and to learn. Coming from such a rural place, I never imagined I would be able to reach so many people with quality eye services. I feel the appreciation of the patients which is a constant source of encouragement and support to me. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to be part of this beautiful team and each of you continue to amaze me everyday. Working with this team and at Seva is an incredible experience and I am very grateful for this enriching year that we have passed through working together.”

– Sundar Rana