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Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh, Seva Foundation Program Manager for India and Bangladesh, recognized early on that investing in eye care not only improves someone’s vision but touches on every other facet, including their overall health, their self-esteem, their ability to earn an income and provide food for their family. In his words, “Eye care is everything!” Since joining Seva, he’s applied his leadership skills overseeing Seva’s largest portfolio. He’s strengthened the network in India and Bangladesh by convening hospitals to share and learn from one another and by advocating for the region, growing Seva’s investment in the region over the past three years. As Dr. Rohit Khanna, IAPB regional chair for Southeast Asia and a key Seva Foundation partner, noted, “In short span, Kuldeep has been instrumental in spearheading Seva’s Global Sight Initiative activities. He has demonstrated great talent and skills in connecting with all partners for not only implementation a project, but also taking it beyond and looking at the overall impact being created.”

As COVID-19 began to disrupt service delivery in 2020, Kuldeep built on his existing relationship with Seva’s 60+ partner hospitals in the region, reaching out to everyone to see how they were being affected by COVID-19. Based on emerging needs, he revised and advised investments to best respond to these identified issues. When the second wave hit India in 2021, he advocated for additional PPE and oxygen tanks for hospitals to keep staff and patients safe. He also linked partner hospitals with suppliers who could meet their needs.

Kuldeep embodies Seva’s value “compassion in action.” He puts the mission, partners, and patients we serve at the forefront of his work. Although his previous experience was outside the eye health sector, he brought immense experience from working with the government and in community development to this role. In only a few years, he has elevated Seva’s work and impact in the region and we’re thrilled to nominate him for an Eye Health Hero Award.

“Restoring sight touches all parts of life – health, job secrurity, dignity, and opportunity. It impacts not just one person but entire families and communities. Investing in eye care is one of the most impactful development interventions and I am grateful to be part of such an incredible organization dedicated to this important mission.”

– Kuldeep Singh