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Jingjing Wang

Jingjing Wang is a public health physician in Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center. She realized that children’s high myopia has become an important cause of adult blindness in cities such as Shanghai, and blindness prevention should start from babies. Therefore, she devoted herself to the practice and research of children’s myopia prevention and control.

She is committed to promoting the establishment and application of children’s refractive development archives so that every child could acquire equal primary eye health care services. She and her fellows establish eye health archives for more than 2.8 million children in Shanghai every year and provides them with graded eye health services. She has taken an active part in one of the largest outdoor intervention myopia prevention project in the world, which has significantly reduced the incidence of myopia in intervention population.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she transformed ideas to adapt to the situation. She and her fellows compiled the “non-contact eye exercises” for eye relaxation during the epidemic time, which won 130 million attention nationwide; she and her fellows also organized more than 140 ophthalmology experts to provide online commonwealth consultation services. Besides, she and her fellows also actively built a “Eye protection platform” as the main window for disseminating scientific eye care knowledge. She often takes the initiative to work overtime for eye health dreams and always carefully verifies every word to ensure scientific accuracy.

She tried to promote people’s health with scientific research, undertaking a number of national and provincial scientific projects, participating in the development of national and local standards, as well as making a name in pursuing truth in academic journals and conferences at home and abroad.

She is keen to popularize the concept of scientific eye care and improve the public’s awareness of myopia prevention and control; she has given training to more than 500 primary eye care personnel to cultivate and mobilize more people to participate in myopia prevention and control. She has also worked in the China’s National Health Commission for a time, and actively made suggestions for national policies on myopia prevention and control.

She is also studying for a PhD degree in spite of heavy work. She has won some honors such as pioneer post, excellent performance employee and so on.

“I love to see children’s clear eyes and bright smiles. I am very lucky to be engaged in the prevention and control of children’s myopia. I love this bright career and am willing to devote my whole life for it.”

– Jingjing Wang