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Katelin Hill

At OneSight, Katelin Hill is respected as a high performer, with the natural ability to positively influence others. Not only is Katelin already seen as a leader at OneSight, but we view her as a force for good, with the capacity and skill set to provide leadership to the entire eye health sector as she continues to excel in her role in solving the vision care crisis.

In her work with eyewear fulfillment and supply chain management for all of OneSight’s complex vision clinic and vision center logistics, Katelin consistently puts the needs of OneSight’s patients first. She exhibits both strategic thinking and attention to detail as she ensures that the right products and exam equipment are at the right places at the right times all over the world. Kaitlin works to ensure that best practices, efficiencies, and training are always in place to support OneSight’s programming models.

Katelin is a high performer, who manages many shifting priorities with excellence. Katelin’s role includes all aspects of fulfillment for optical manufacturing and product selection for OneSight’s sustainable vision centers and charitable programming globally. She has a high capacity for work and leads a skilled team that supports many accomplishments in manufacturing, fulfillment, and product management.

To continue scaling OneSight’s vision care programming for the long term, Katelin fosters strategic partnerships to support our programming models. She also leads her team in streamlining processes and creating training tools for our permanent community-based vision centers around the world. She is financially conscientious in her approach and controls acquisition of the proper equipment and inventory to fulfill our mission.

Katelin works collaboratively and always seeks new ways to support OneSight’s goals. She shows up to every interaction with an open ear and provides thoughtful ideas and recommendations to her colleagues. She works proactively with many partners, both internally and externally to ensure OneSight excels at our mission of providing quality eye care and eye wear to all who lack access to vision care. Katelin makes it a priority to give the staff who report to her dedicated support and attention, helping them develop their skills and prioritize meaningful work. She is not afraid of difficult conversations and always looks for win-win solutions.

Katelin’s gift is to look at initiatives and challenges with new approaches. She learns lessons from past experiences, applies what is most effective to new situations, and is always willing to consider new ideas to achieve the best outcome. Through Katelin’s strong leadership and committed partnership with others, she is changing the world by getting glasses to the people who need them most.

“We are changing lives every day! I have the honor of working alongside an amazing team, overseeing fulfillment and data driven strategies across OneSight’s global programming. It’s achievements like refreshing product offerings to support new targeted demographics, ensuring effective manufacturing and equipment readiness and delivering quality eyewear globally that come from deeply connecting with our global team and understanding the communities we serve. It’s my job, my purpose, my passion and my team that is helping to remove barriers to vision care and making it simple for anyone to get an eye exam and pair of glasses. “Until the world can see!””

– Katelin Hill