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Raju Kaiti

Mr. Kaiti has always been an excellent academic achiever throughout his educational journey, not only he was a merit scholarship holder from Institute of Medicine (IOM) during his bachelors, he also topped university with flying colors.He was a gold medalist in his post-graduation from Amity University, India. Mr. Kaiti, at present shoulders multiple responsibilities; head of contact lens and pediatric refraction at Nepal Eye Hospital (NEH). MrKaiti is reviewer in many PubMed indexed international journals. And so far, he has been extra-ordinarily successful in bracing his responsibilities with great passion and virtue.

He is completely accessible and encourages all to talk openly and freely with him, to challenge him if he is not upholding his leadership and is not afraid to learn from his sub-ordinates. From what he says and as I quote: He is in a constant state of learning something new and is not afraid of failures. In his decade long clinical and academic journey, he has been tutoring and training many batches of ophthalmic assistant, optometry students/interns, residents, and nurses. Equally impressive is his works on handling any academic activities, by the virtue of which he has given the position of very first lecturer of optometry from National Academy of Medical Science, Nepal.

Talking about his contributions in field of research, he has published about four dozen of scientific papers in national and international publications. Embarking his presence on international stage, he is a committed editor/reviewer of dozens of international publications. Moreover, he is an advocate for research works, encouraging the new generations of optometrist to indulge in eye-health research for the better of eye health in Nepal.He has and continues to take an active role in the success of all of the students he oversees.

Mr. Kaiti’s keen interest for providing eye care services was evident right from his early ages. As an example, he led a group of fellow batch-matesto launch program called “Little Optometrist Program” to make vision screening program effective and more easily reachable, where school students were trained to examine visual acuity. This program was a huge success and has impacted to be beneficial even up to this date due to which it is still being conducted by subsequent batches of Institute of Medicine, Nepal. Embarking his journey in providing eye care services even as a practitioner shouldered with huge responsibilities, he still spares time to community outreachserving rural community with vision screening programs and eye camps.

I have pleasure nominating him as IAPB Eye Health Hero as future leader considering his capacity, agility, professionalism, and tenacity to handle such a broad range of responsibilities and changing priorities on eye health. He bears all the qualities that a good leader has and is never boastful about it. That is why I align very pleased to prefer of nomination for Raju Kaiti who is very well deserved of it. Looking forward at an impact through leadership team welcome him as an Eye Health Hero.

“I am dedicated to rendered quality eye health services to rural community by expanding optometry and vision related services to rural people. The recognition of global eye health advocate such as IAPB will further inspire me in my work and enthusiasm. ”

– Raju Kaiti