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Xingru He

Xingru He is both a leader and an educator. As the director of the Center of Vision Intelligence, Xingru focuses on integrating information and data to identify management problems and opportunities to make sustainable improvements. Though business operations and research are difficult to merge, Xingru aims to remove that barrier and manage using scientific approaches. He believes that transparency would bring weakness and problems to the surface to allow eye care organizations like He Vision Group to understand further why the issues are occurring. After joining He Vision Group, Xingru has been teaching his colleagues about data science skills to convert information and data into valuable insights. He has also created data visualization dashboards to identify where it could continue to improve quickly.

As the vice dean of the School of Public Health, Xingru invests much time to educate global talents about global health in preventing blindness. With his skills and theories acquired from Johns Hopkins, Xingru disseminates his knowledge in epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and management to the students to use what they have learned in their own countries to make a difference and contribution in universal eye health.

Aside from his roles in management and education, Xingru researches the assessment, intervention development, and intervention assurance in blindness prevention, especially from the perspective of health policy and management. With the experience of working in an eye care system in China, he is particularly interested in practical health care corporation management, reform, and impact assessment focusing on blindness prevention using novel eye care technology and data science.

Xingru received his DrPH, MPH, and MBA degrees from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey Business School. Before his master’s education, Xingru obtained his B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of California, Davis.

“Evidence-based management is my principle in leading an organization to grow organically. Using data to identify the bottlenecks and explore ways to reach excellence in healthcare services, quality in medical care, organizational performance, patient and employee satisfaction, and community engagement is what I love the most about my role. There are still major challenges facing us while tackling blindness across the globe; we are at a tipping point to unite and collaborate among eye care organizations to share our wisdom in preventing blindness. I am excited to learn and share whatever we have to achieve vision excellence of human race.”

– Xingru He