Meeting Communities as they are on Indigenous Peoples Day

Executive Director
Organisation: Seva

On International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples, Kate Moynihan, Executive Director Seva, writes about their diversity and work with indigenous communities.  Seva is an organisation committed to helping people see. And we are also committed to listening.  Carefully. For all of our 40 years, we at Seva have worked hand-in-hand with indigenous communities across the…

My Involvement in Aboriginal Vision Programmes

Brien Holden Vision Institute Project Manager, Aboriginal Vision NSW
Organisation: Brien Holden Vision Institute

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Colina Waddell, Brien Holden Vision Institute Project Manager, Aboriginal Vision NSW writes about her work with Aboriginal community. I feel privileged to have worked for the past 17 years with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in the state of New South Wales on the East coast of Australia.…

Closing the gap in Indigenous Eye Health in Australia

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Prof Hugh Taylor writes about his work with Indigenous Eye Health in Australia. Background I first started working on trachoma and issues around the eye health of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Islander people as a young ophthalmologist in 1976 when I worked as the assistant director of the National…