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IAPB divides its global network into seven regions, based on the World Health Organizations’ geographical division of the world into six regional offices (with the only difference that we divide the Americas further into North and Latin America).

IAPB works with stakeholders across the regions to:

  • Advocate for the development and implementation of national eye health plans, and initiatives to strengthen health systems
  • Bring stakeholders together to share information, identify priorities and plan for blindness prevention at national and regional levels
  • Deliver capacity-building workshops on advocacy, coordination and planning
  • Support research to inform policy and planning
  • Promote and support data collection and effective programme monitoring.

Check the links below for countries, regional contacts and pages, news and resources about each IAPB region.


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Photo Credits

Africa: Terry Cooper, Western Pacific: The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand, South East Asia: Shrikant Ayyangar, Mission for Vision, Eastern Mediterranean: Arash
Europe: Daniela Cotovanu, Novaoptic, Latin America: Sergio Negrete, General Hospital Gumel Jigawa State, North America: Brian Nguyen, All Eyecare Optometry