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IAPB Young Systems Leader Awards

2030 In Sight is a systems change strategy. To achieve the goal of ending avoidable sight loss by 2030 and ensuring accessible and affordable services for everyone, everywhere, the eye health sector needs to work differently. We need to move away from vertical ways of working, siloed within health systems and not only integrate eyecare throughout health systems, but also demonstrate the role eye health has to play in other sectors and settings.

The IAPB Young Systems Leader awards seek to raise the profile of early-career eye health professionals who demonstrate an aptitude and motivation to drive a systems mindset through their work – whether through their organisation, peers, or own professional development.

The award

The IAPB Young Systems Leader Awards seeks to support the development of early-career eye health professionals to raise their profile in the eye health sector through:

Speaking/co-facilitating opportunity at 2030 INSIGHT LIVE 2024. This may be participating in a panel, or co-facilitating a workshop.
Pre-arranged networking meeting with senior-level professional at 2030 INSIGHT LIVE 2024 and additional meeting with IAPB President
Complimentary entry to observe pre-event day meetings

Preparatory online workshop programme covering:

  • Systems leadership
  • 2030 In Sight
  • Public speaking
  • Networking
  • Getting the most out of 2030 INSIGHT LIVE (programme and speaker run-through)
IAPB Young Systems Leader 2024 certificate (presented at 2030 INSIGHT LIVE by IAPB President Caroline Casey)
Post-event opinion piece or Q & A to be published on the Knowledge Hub and IAPB social media

Conditions of entry

Candidates should be from IAPB member organisations, and under 35 years as of 30th June 2024.

Candidates for the award must be nominated and seconded by a colleague from within the eye health sector. The nominee does not have to be from the same organisation.

Candidates should have demonstrated an aptitude for one or more of the following:

  • Embracing opportunities, being adaptable and flexible
  • Working and collaborating across sectors
  • Trying new approaches – experimenting and piloting ideas
  • Building a culture of learning, in which failures are lessons to be shared
  • Shifting from reactive problem solving to collaborative planning for the future

Candidates should be able to attend 2030 INSIGHT LIVE and the preparatory online workshop programme to be held at the dates and times below. Candidates will receive a free ticket to 2030 INSIGHT LIVE. However, they will need to be able to pay the costs and make their own travel, visa, and accommodation arrangements.

Nominations can be made using the nomination form below and must be submitted by Monday, March 4th. On receiving a nomination form, we will contact the nominee and ask them to complete a diversity monitoring form.
Nomination Form

Selection criteria and process

IAPB Young Systems Leader Awards
Up to 10 Systems Leaders will be selected from the nominees. Any unsuccessful candidates can be nominated again in 2025. All nominees who meet the selection criteria will be considered.

Selection will be based on:

  • Strength of the examples provided demonstrating their motivation and aptitude to drive systems change
  • Ensuring a diverse group of candidates, based on geography, nationality, gender, disability, and job role

Selection of candidates will be conducted by IAPB Regional Chairs, IAPB Executive Committee and IAPB team.

Nominations close on 4th March.

Award recipients will be announced on Monday 25th March.