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Advocating for Integrated People-Centred Eye Care

Integrated People-Centred Eye Care (IPEC) is the only way we can meet the growing need and demand of eye health services globally.  As a sector, we need to embrace IPEC and advocate for its adoption. 

We will have to come together at a national level to drive this change and actively promote this agenda to governments. This will require national policy dialogues ideally hosted by government and convened with wider stakeholders to develop national strategy, integration plans and include IPEC in their wider strategies and policies. 

Learn more about how to advocate for IPEC and be a part of IPEC implementation in your country from the IPEC Advocacy to Action toolkit.

Image on top: After surgery screening at an ophthalmic outreach in Ethiopia/Ulrich Eigner/Light for the World

Integrated People-centred Eye Care Advocacy to Action Toolkit

The Integrated People-centred Eye Care Advocacy to Action Toolkit assists the eye health sector advocates in advocating for the implementation of Integrated People-centred Eye Care. The toolkit is a central reference point for initiating policy dialogues in countries and includes key information, tools, templates and resources for IPEC.

This toolkit includes: 

  • Key messages on IPEC
  • Link to major resources like: WHO tools, Introduction to IPEC online course
  • Advocacy approaches for IPEC including how to conduct policy dialogues
  • Tips for successful advocacy
  • Adaptable IPEC templates- PowerPoint, letter and policy brief
Here is how you can get involved:   

Know more about IPEC from the IAPB Introduction to IPEC online course.   

Join our online knowledge platform- Advocacy to Action, to learn the practicalities of advocacy for IPEC from different regions and countries.

Share your country experience on advocating for IPEC. These can be blogs on the outcomes of policy dialogues, documentation about real-life implementation and the stories of the challenges you overcome.  

Ask your government or major stakeholders to involve in advocacy for IPEC. Download and use our letter template to reach out to stakeholders.  

You can download and use the PowerPoint slides template on IPEC during the policy dialogues.  

IPEC Tools and Resources

Integrated People-centred Eye Care Advocacy to Action Toolkit
IPEC Advocacy to Action Toolkit
IPEC Presentation Template
IPEC Presentation Template
IPEC-Policy Brief Template
IPEC Policy Brief Template
IPEC Letter Template