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DR Barometer

Evidence and insights into how vision loss resulting from diabetes impacted the lives of individuals and those around them.

Approximately one in three adults with diabetes worldwide – up to 93 million people – is affected by diabetic retinopathy (DR), a complication of diabetes which can lead to blindness if left untreated

To investigate the global, regional and specific country issues surrounding DR and DME, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) conducted a comprehensive, two-phase, multi-country study.

Phase one was a qualitative study comprising interviews in eight countries that represented a cross section of regions and income levels.

Phase two was a quantitative study comprising desk research and the generation of new data from of a specifically designed, web-based survey of 4,340 adults with diabetes and 2,329 health care professionals in 41 countries. The study population of adults with diabetes who participated in the survey was self-selected, predominantly from patient organisations as well as membership organisations of older adults (seniors).

Visit the DR Barometer website to learn more.

View the following video to see Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the International Federation of Ageing, speaking about the DR Barometer project.

Video Transcript

The data

Explore reports and infographics country by country. To ensure that meaningful change is achieved across the patient care pathway, a comprehensive series of evidence-based recommendations are proposed. For more information, visit the DR Barometer website.

Diabetic retinopathy overview

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