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Integrated people-centred eye care (IPEC)

Integrated people-centred eye care (IPEC) is a key part of the Integrate pillar of the 2030 In Sight strategy, as it has the potential to address many challenges to delivering effective eye care services.



Get involved

IAPB is helping to drive IPEC forward. Explore the need for eye care in your country or region with the Vision Atlas, look into specific issues in eye health and IPEC with ‘Focus On’, actively engage in advocacy and drive integrated action through Advocacy to Action, or join a thematic Work Group for unified action.

Latest IPEC content

IPEC: a key part of 2030 In Sight

Integrated people-centred eye care is central to 2030 In Sight, which calls us to INTEGRATE eye health in wider health care systems. Learn more here.