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Deepen your learning and engagement around key topics for global eye health and the 2030 In Sight Strategy on the IAPB Knowledge Hub.


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Welcome to the Knowledge Hub

Are you working in eye health policy or practice at any level? The IAPB Knowledge Hub contains a wealth of content to support you to help accelerate action on global eye health.

The Knowledge Hub brings together evidence, information, key opinions, resources, guides, tools and the sharing of member experiences on the most important topic areas in global eye health.

The Knowledge Hub works together with the Vision Atlas, which contains a rich mix of the latest eye health data, narrative and presentation tools.

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The Knowledge Hub draws on the wealth of expertise and knowledge of the IAPB network. It will be expanded and further improved over time, and we ask for your help in this.

Please share any resources, knowledge, recommendations or examples that you believe should be included in this Knowledge Hub.

We would love to hear from you – please suggest content via the following link.

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2030 In Sight: Using knowledge to catalyse action

We have created the Knowledge Hub around the three pillars of the 2030 In Sight strategy: Elevate, Integrate, and Activate.

The Knowledge Hub enables easy access to expertise and experience across the network to help:

  • elevate eye health into the Sustainable Development Goals
  • integrate eye health into broader health systems, and
  • activate markets necessary for eye health and empower individuals to make eye health a priority.

Please explore the following sections to learn more about key topics forming part of each pillar, or you can view all topics by selecting the following button.

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The Elevate pillar of the 2030 In Sight strategy calls us to embed vision as a fundamental, economic, social and development issue. How can we can do this?

  • Unlock political will and financing.
  • Set new targets for eye health and hold government to account for reaching them.
  • Leverage school and education settings.
  • Call on employers to support eye health in workplaces.
  • Advocate and demonstrate good practice across the full Sustainable Development framework.


Everyone should have access to good quality eye health services. But this will only happen if there is greater integration of eye health in wider health care systems. How can we can achieve this?

  • Push for inclusion in Universal Health Coverage.
  • Deliver integrated people-centred eye care.
  • Train and develop a diverse and resilient workforce.
  • Embrace technological solutions.


Eye health is a universal issue and we must activate universal demand by driving patient, consumer and market change. How can we can do this?

  • Campaign on a new level.
  • Tackle negative stereotyping.
  • Build public-private partnerships.
  • Create the right regulatory environment.

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