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Systems Change

The scope, complexity, and scale of the eye health systems we seek to transform requires collective intelligence and coordinated collective action. Learn more about systems change here.

On this page, we share two high-level overview companion guides around Systems Change:

  • Systems Change for Eye Health: using Systems Change methods as a potential approach for achieving the eye health system we truly need.
  • Systems Mapping for Eye Health Systems Change: using systems mapping as a tool to better understand the eye health system, and to bring together stakeholders in creating a shared vision and actions for transformative change.

It is important to note what these guides are not: they are not prescriptive, operational manuals for how to engineer a systems mapping workshop. Much as the 2030 In Sight strategy itself does not prescribe the specific policies and interventions for each country, the methods described in this guide do not equate to a rigid process. Instead, we look to establish a shared language for a community of practice, and provide an example of systems mapping in practice.

Systems Change for eye health

Systems Mapping for Eye Health Systems Change