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Partner With Us

Working together, we can achieve our collective mission of ending avoidable sight loss by 2030.

How your organisation can partner with IAPB

Now, more than ever, working together as a global community; connecting, campaigning, sharing and learning will be more valuable than ever to achieve our collective goals.

There are several ways you and your organisation can partner with IAPB:

  • Join our network – read on to understand how you can contribute towards our mission. Join Us
  • Commercial partnerships, trusts and foundations and individual support – from global sponsorships to funding regional activities there are multiple options available to partner with us. To discuss working with us please contact our Head of Development, Nick Parker.
  • International bodies – we partner with a range of international bodies. These include UN organisations, health and lifestyle sectors where our advocacy work intersects. To discuss working with us please contact our Head of Advocacy, Jessica Thompson
  • Valued Supplier Scheme – open to manufacturers and businesses working in the eye health sector, the Valued Supplier Scheme is a great way to join the network, support our work and showcase your products and services. To discuss working with us as a Valued Supplier please contact our Valued Supplier Manager, Alex Melcquir Raj.

About IAPB

We are a collective of more than 150 member organisations worldwide drawn from NGOs, civil society, professional bodies, hospitals, research centres, businesses and eye care institutions.

We provide the overarching alliance for the eye care sector working together towards a world where there is “vision for all” and everyone has access to the vision care they need.  We were founded in 1975 and have a proud heritage of leading international efforts in the prevention of blindness.

IAPB is recognised as a global leader in eye health advocacy, co-ordinating major campaigns such as World Sight Day (WSD) and leading initiatives like the UN Friends of Vision group, VISION 2020 and Vision for the Commonwealth.

You can read about the impact of our work by downloading our annual 2030 In Sight report.