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Membership FAQs

Learn more about IAPB membership.

What are the different levels of membership? 

We offer 3 different levels of membership which are as follows: 

  • Band A: Available to organisations that are committed to ending avoidable sight loss and can play an active leadership role within the global eye health community. 
  • Band B: Available to organisations that want to deepen their impact, demonstrate their social responsibility and contribute to ending avoidable sight loss. 
  • Band C: Available to organisations that want to show their support and contribute to ending avoidable sight loss. 

How much are the membership fees? 

Our membership fees are on an annual basis and run from January to February. To find out the costs for different levels of membership, contact Rachael Bourke [email protected]

What is the process for becoming a member? 

Applicants need to complete the membership application form. When we receive the completed form back it will firstly go to the relevant Regional Chair for endorsement and then onto our Executive Committee for a final approval – this process can take up to a month. 

What are the benefits included in membership? 

Click here to view the benefits of membership.

What kind of organisations can become members of IAPB? 

IAPB membership is open to not-for-profit and for-profit organisations working across and within eye health. IAPB members range from international charities, eye hospitals and academic institutes through to professional bodies and corporates. 

I am an individual, can I join? 

Membership is for organisations only. If you are an individual wanting to contribute towards our collective mission, sign up to be a Love Your Eyes Visionary and fight to raise awareness of accessible, available and affordable eye care for everyone everywhere by 2030.