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Analyse: Planning first activities

Analysing the current situation in eye health, mapping stakeholders and planning first activities.

The Analyse step may tasks such as:

  • Map relevant stakeholders and actors, including beyond eye health and health
  • Understand national health priorities and strategic planning processes
  • Initiate a national policy dialogue process with all relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries, IAPB, World Health Organization, eye health NGOs, professional associations and representatives from other sectors.
  • Conduct a country assessment of eye care (ECSAT).

The situation will be different in every country.

Consider your setting

  • Who are the key stakeholders for IPEC in your country? Are there new stakeholders you could include?
  • Is there a national eye health committee in your country? How active is it?
  • Does your country have a current or past national eye care strategic plan? Was the plan successfully implemented? Who was involved in creating that plan? Are there other stakeholders or sectors that could be involved?
  • Has an ECSAT been completed recently?
  • How well known is IPEC in your country, inside and outside of the eye health sector? Is further advocacy required on IPEC to influence policy makers?
  • Which sectors outside of eye health are most closely aligned? Which sectors could eye health integrate with in the future?
  • What steps would you start with in your country?

Eye Care Situation Analysis Tool

The Eye Care Situation Analysis Tool (ECSAT) from the World Health Organization intends to support countries in the planning, monitoring of trends and the evaluation of progress towards implementing IPEC.

It should include an analysis of the situation with eye health along with recommendations.

An ECSAT report contains information that is valuable to many stakeholders.

Consider your setting

  • The ECSAT should be updated every 3 to 5 years, as needed. Do you know if and when an ECSAT has been completed in your country or region? When should the next ECSAT be completed?
  • Are results publicly available?
  • If not, which results and recommendations might be similar to those in Nortana? Which might be different?