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Young Systems Leader: Juania Auguste

Juania Auguste

Organisation: National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness(CNPC) / Foundation for the Fight Against Glaucoma (FONHAG), Haiti

Role: Ophthalmology Nurse Practitioner

Juania Mela Mora Cuna Auguste is a young nurse who is very bright, creative, and highly committed. She studied at the Faculté des Sciences Infirmières de Léogâne (FSIL) base in Haiti, graduating as the second laureate of her class. Passionate about her work, she chose to specialize in ophthalmology to contribute to its development in Haiti. Her dedication to ophthalmology led her to understand the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments, especially those in financial hardship, while focusing on patients with glaucoma. Dr. Mike Maingrette, an ophthalmologist and president of the Comité national de Prévention de la Cécité (CNPC), was impressed by her dedication and offered her a position as a Ophthalmology Nurse Practitioner at CNPC. She also works as a surgical assistant nurse in ophthalmology.

Juania’s achievements contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Haiti. Additionally, she is a spirited, empathetic young woman who enjoys or embraces collaboration, very opened to learn, and values experiences. She is very versatile and flexible. “As soon as you get to know Juania, you would want to work with her.” (Dr. Maingrette). Recently, she contributed to the establishment of a support group in collaboration with CNPC for individuals with glaucoma in Haiti. Furthermore, as a co-founder of the Haitian Foundation for the Fight Against Glaucoma (FONHAG), she is committed to promote ocular health, improving eye care and encouraging early screening for glaucoma and other ocular problems. She promotes ocular health through social network.

FONHAG aims to promote ocular health globally, by supporting individuals with glaucoma and their families, and promote autonomy, fulfilment, and access to care for individuals with glaucoma and visual impairments.

Juania brings many ideas to help prevent blindness, which she is currently working on. She has her own way to communicate with patients; children adore her, and adults admire her. Since she has been leading this support group, many patients testify the positive change she has brought to their lives. Juania’s actions are already profoundly impact eye care in Haïti. Her spirit of fairness for improving the quality of life for patients and caregivers is remarkable. Juania is a born leader. At only 25, the future looks promising with her.