Sharing the perspective: The school eye health programme in Viet Nam

Project Coordinator
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Viet Nam Child Eye Care (VNCEC) project, funded by the Seeing is Believing programme had set out its goal as: sustainable reduction of visual impairment in school children in Viet Nam. To achieve this goal, the project aims to improve the coordination between education and health sectors; strengthen capacity of school health staff and…

Positive impact of refractive services

Chair IAPB Refractive Error Work Group
Organisation: World Council of Optometry
Uncorrected refractive error remains the major cause (43% ) of the 217 million people with medium to severe visual impairment at distance and an estimated 1.1 billion with near vision impairment. This means millions of people being functionally blind due to lack of access to spectacles resulting in lost education and employment opportunities, lower productivity…

Optometrists – an essential piece of the puzzle to achieve comprehensive eye health

International Director Programmes, Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships
Organisation: Light for the World
On World Optometry Day, Sabine Rehbichler on why optometrists are an essential piece of the puzzle to achieve comprehensive eye health... Light for the World strives towards improved access to universal and comprehensive eye health in its partner countries. As all stakeholders in the field know, this is not always highest on the agenda of…