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By Bob McMullan | On Friday 9th December 2016 | 0 Comments

Dr. Jambi Garap

I have been reading with dismay the sad stories of the impact of PNG government budget decisions on the hospital sector.

It seems to me we are short of positive stories about what development assistance can achieve.

Therefore, it was a pleasure to be reminded of a positive experience within the PNG hospital sector which continues to deliver real life-changing assistance to citizens of the country.

During an official visit to PNG during my time as Parliamentary Secretary I observed one bright spot at the Port Moresby Hospital, the PNG Eye Care Centre.

This was a bright and cheerful place which was enabling people to overcome unnecessary visual impairment and helping them to enjoy more productive and satisfying lives.

It was a particularly satisfying scene as the Eye Care Centre was receiving significant assistance from the new Australian government program, the Avoidable Blindness Initiative. This additional funding had allowed for the refurbishment of the Centre, the opening of five more centres around the country and the establishment of a National Specs Supply System.

The ongoing work of the responsible local NGO, PNG Eye Care, continues to receive significant funding from the Brien Holden Vision Institute ....

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By Kate Woodhead | On Monday 28th November 2016 | 0 Comments

SIB Delegates

Delegates ‘speed dating’ to learn about each other’s SiB projects

Mid-level health workers are the backbone of eye health systems across our markets, providing vital primary health care services, often to rural and remote populations. However, they’re often overlooked when it comes to training and development opportunities.

But not this time, as Seeing is Believing (SiB) sponsored 25 mid-level eye health workers from its projects in seven African countries to attend the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB’s) tenth General Assembly (10GA) in Durban, South Africa – the premier global event discussing public health issues related to blindness and visual impairment. 

This unusual SiB project aimed to build capacity, empower, increase knowledge and broaden networks for the delegates.

Becoming Stronger Together

‘Stronger Together’ was the overriding theme of the 10GA and nowhere was this demonstrated more clearly than at the Seeing is Believing workshop that was held after three days of inspiring and informative sessions on all aspects of eye care.

The workshop focussed on bringing the delegates together to share their experiences and best practices with one another. Presentations from different SiB projects enabled discussion on a variety of elements of project management, and a...

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By Alessandro Di Capua | On Thursday 24th November 2016 | 0 Comments

IAPB President and Vice President

  IAPB President Bob McMullan with Victoria Sheffield, IAPB Vice President

This October, alongside the 10th General Assembly, Durban also played host to the IAPB Board and Annual General Meeting. As in every Assembly year, this is a time of renewal for a number of seats and positions within the IAPB Board of Trustees. The terms for Officers and Regional Chairs come to an end and elections are held for the seats reserved to Group B and C representatives—as part of the new, more open governance approach introduced in 2014. This year also saw a number of changes among the Board appointments made by Group A members. This translated into 12 new faces joining the Board (see the full list of appointments at the bottom of this article) – quite an intake of fresh views as we near the new strategic planning period which will lead us to 2020.

Before welcoming the newcomers or congratulating those who have been re-elected, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have stepped down after years (for some over a decade) of service on the IAPB Board. Their commitment, passion and robust opinions have shaped our work and sustained our efforts throughout many meetings. We are grateful to their contribution for making IAPB ‘stronger together’:


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By Tejah Balantrapu | On Thursday 24th November 2016 | 2 Comments

10GA opening ceremony

IAPB’s 10th General Assembly (10GA), the premier global event discussing public health issues related to blindness and visual impairment, has been a grand success.

Catering to every eye health professional - ophthalmologists, optometrists, other eye health professionals, development and public health experts, key opinion leaders, procurement specialists, CEOs, eye care equipment manufacturers – 10GA brought together 1150 eye care professionals from 100 countries. The GA also had over 60 sessions with 200 speakers and 250 poster presentations over 3 days. The social programmes proved to be great opportunities to network over sumptuous South African food and drink.


Van Lansingh from HelpMeSee says,

"(Attending the GA) is a good way of networking and finding everyone in the same place with projects that we are working [on] with different partners around the world..."

Sandra Block calls the 10GA,

"an excellent place to network with people who have similar desires and excitement about access to eye...
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