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All the 3 Workshop Sessions of this ‘Advocacy to Action’ series have been completed, the recordings of the sessions are available under the ‘Workshop Highlights’ section below.

Workshop Highlights

Session 6: Building effective policy dialogues

The workshop presented an overview of a policy dialogue framework leading to systems change and adoption of Integrated People Centered Eyecare (IPEC). The activities and discussions were explored best practices and approaches to delivering effective policy dialogues on eye health. This session covered the engagement with national governments and the WHO, identifying entry points and identifying targeted advocacy messaging to deliver tangible outcomes with lasting impact. The session introduced resources from WHO and IAPB to support the policy dialogue process in diverse settings.

Session 5: Community voices in advocacy

The workshop discussed how to include community voices in advocacy effectively to implement Integrated People Centred Eyecare. The session presented experiences from the sector and discussed further on how the sector can prioritise and develop the capability to put community voices at the centre of delivering eye care for everyone. The themes of discussion within the small group activity included how best to engage patient /consumer voices in developing advocacy strategy, harnessing the power of consumer/patient insights, how to engage community health workers in people centred eye care and how might patient /consumer /community voices be harnessed as agents in implementing advocacy action.

Session 2: Evidence-Based Advocacy

Through a combination of presentations and group discussions, participants explored the latest and emerging evidence related to burden and impact of vision loss. The focus was on how to employ evidence most effectively when advocating for eye health.