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Advocacy to Action 2022 – The programme

Video Transcript

Advocacy to Action is a learning programme aimed to inspire and train eye health advocates around the world. 

The global advocacy wins for eye health; United Nations resolution 73/310 Vision for Everyone: accelerating action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals; World Health Organization World Report on Vision 2019, World Health Assembly resolution 73.4 Integrated People-centred Eye Care, including preventable vision impairment and blindness, all sets out the urgent need and case for advocates and stakeholders to influence policy, systems and services to effectively implement Integrated People Centered Eyecare.  

2030 Insight, the strategic initiative from IAPB for eyecare sector tie up these advocacy milestones and identifies the hurdles that we need to overcome to end avoidable sight loss by 2030. Advocacy to Action 2022 includes three regional events conceptualized to help advocates gain insights to advocate for; elevating vision as a fundamental, economic, social and development issue, integrating eye health in wider health systems, and activating universal demand by influencing consumers and markets; the three key elements of the strategy.  

Advocacy to Action 2022 will provide participants opportunity to interact with eye health leaders who have advocated with success at global, regional, and in-country levels. It will prompt eye health advocates to consider how to best leverage global and local mechanisms, and use evidence effectively, to achieve change. The programme includes 3 regional events – Latin America (hybrid), ASEAN (online) and Africa (online) and will also support and inform advocates with relevant tools and resources available from IAPB and global bodies.