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World Report On Vision

The World Health Organization’s first World Report on Vision represents a highly significant landmark in the effort to achieving universal access to eye health.

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Bringing together world authorities on eye health and health system strengthening, the Report provides the strategic framework to guide action at a national, regional and global level.

The key recommendations of the report are to:

  • Make eye care an integral part of Universal Health Coverage
  • Implement integrated people-centred eye care in health systems.

The IAPB Secretariat is in the process of developing a programme of activity to support and equip IAPB members to drive the implementation of the World Report on Vision at a country level.

Our activity includes:

What further support and guidance to expect from WHO?

The WHO is in the process of developing a suite of technical guidance and tools to support governments and other stakeholders move forward and progress this agenda. This includes:

Strategic Guidance on IPEC: A complimentary guide to the World Report on Vision which sets out the core components of IPEC, the process for its implementation and the roles and responsibilities of different actors.

Guide for Action: A comprehensive guide to assist governments through a phased process of situation assessment; strategic planning; development of monitoring and evaluation; and implementation of the strategic plan. This process utilizes health system strengthening practices with a focus on eye health. It will include an updated version of the Eye Care Assessment Tool (ECSAT); a strategic planning tool and implementation tool. Expected in July 2021

Package of Eye Care Interventions: A Resource containing evidence-based eye care interventions that can be used by countries to plan (i.e., which interventions to prioritize), budget and integrate eye care interventions at all service delivery platforms. Expected in June 2021 with economic component expected in late 2021.

Global Targets and Menu of Indicators: A monitoring framework for eye care fully aligned to Universal Health Coverage. This includes:

  • The adoption of global targets for 2030, focusing on the effective cataract surgical coverage (eCSC) and effective refractive error coverage (eREC) for 2030 at the 74th World Health Assembly 2021. Expected in May 2021
  • Technical guidance and a tool to facilitate the collection data on the global indicators by Member States.
  • A menu of 30-40 eye care indicators which countries can select to better monitor progress against national and sub-national priorities. Expected in July 2021.

mMyopia Toolkit: A handbook containing and evidence-based message library and technical guidance to governments and other organizations to develop scale mHealth programmes for their citizens on the topic of myopia. Expected in October 2021

Eye Care Competency Framework (ECCF): A tool to provide a global standard of eye care competencies that will assist in workforce planning and development, informing education institutions in preparing workers for practice, and setting practice standards for employers, policy makers and regulatory bodies. Expected in March 2022

View the following video of an interview with Dr. Aubrey Webson, Permanent Representative of Antigua & Barbuda, UN and Chair, UN Friends of Vision, on why he thinks the World Report on Vision is important.

Video Transcript

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