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Albasar Upgrades Membership with IAPB

Al Basar's three-decade journey combating preventable blindness, with a multifaceted approach, global impact, and IAPB collaboration
Published: 14.12.2023
Mohamed Elmoutasim Office Administrator
Two people with bandages over their eye smile at the camera.


Al Basar International Foundation is honoured to announce its enhanced membership to Band B with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). This decision is a testament to our shared dedication to combating global visual impairment.  We aim to create a world free from preventable blindness, ensuring all people have access to affordable and sustainable eye care.

A Visionary Beginning

Al Basar International Foundation traces its roots to 1989 when Dr. Adel Al Rushood, a Saudi Arabian ophthalmologist, founded the organisation. His mission was clear: to provide free eye care services to those living in poverty-stricken areas worldwide. Recognising the dire lack of access to basic eye care in many developing countries, Dr. Al Rushood and a dedicated team of volunteers initiated outreach programs, delivering free eye exams, glasses, and surgeries to those in need.

The early years of Al Basar were marked by a focus on outreach programs, with teams venturing into remote areas to provide essential eye care services. As the organisation expanded, it established eye hospitals and clinics in hard-to-reach regions of Africa and Asia, ensuring sustainable access to eye care for local communities. Today, Al Basar operates in 48+ countries, having grown from a small group of volunteers to a global organisation impacting millions.

Al Basar’s Multifaceted Approach

At the heart of Al Basar International Foundation’s mission is a multifaceted approach that goes beyond providing basic eye care. Our outreach programs, spanning over 2,000 camps worldwide, not only conduct screenings but also engage with communities, addressing unique challenges. The success of programs is not just measured by numbers but transformed lives. We’re proud to have performed more than 700,000 cataract surgeries and dispensed nearly 2 million glasses in three decades. With 28 hospitals across six countries, we offer comprehensive eye care, recording 26 million outpatient visits. Al Basar invests in education, establishing colleges to train eye care professionals, impacting Africa and Asia. Our school screening program reaches over 1 million children, providing immediate interventions and ensuring a comprehensive approach to their eye health.

The Value of IAPB Membership

In becoming a member of IAPB, we have aligned ourselves with a network of dedicated individuals and organisations working tirelessly to eradicate avoidable blindness and advocate for universal eye health. The value of our membership extends beyond collaboration; it provides us with a platform to exchange knowledge, access cutting-edge research, and contribute to impactful initiatives. Together with IAPB, we aim to amplify our efforts, promote awareness, and drive meaningful change in the field of eye care.

Looking ahead, Al Basar eagerly announces our plan for 2024. In a continuous effort to broaden our impact, we aim to conduct 160 outreach initiatives throughout the year. This strategic endeavour underscores our steadfast commitment to reaching more underserved communities, delivering vital eye care services, and progressing towards a world free from preventable blindness. With the support of our IAPB membership, we anticipate a year of substantial growth, collectively illuminating the path to a brighter, sight-filled future for all.