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An easier way for members to submit content

Published: 21.07.2022
Simon Darvill Head of Communications and Campaigns
job and content form

There are many benefits to being a member of IAPB. One of these is the ability to tell your organisations story or news via the IAPB channels. One of IAPB’s strengths is our network, we have over 13,000 signed up to our regular newsletters, a following of over 100,000 across our social media platforms and over 100,000,0 visits to our website each year. This means that we are a great place for member organisations to share content with the wider IAPB membership and eye health sector.

However, in the past it’s not been easy for members to share their content with IAPB. So today we’re pleased to share two new and simple ways for IAPB Members, Patrons and Valued Suppliers to submit their content to IAPB.

We have a content form where you can share news, events, blogs, and stories from your organisation. This will help us tell your stories and make IAPB a great repository for all that is going on in global eye health. After all, if we are to achieve our 2030 In Sight strategic aims, we will not do it alone. It is only by the strength of our common endeavour that will we get there – so if your organisation is doing something important, why not let others know about it!

Secondly for those IAPB Members, Patrons and Valued Suppliers that like to share job vacancies that you may have in your organisations with IAPB’s audiences, we have an easier way for you to share those job advertisements with us. If you use our Job Vacancies Form you can upload links to job adverts and let potential applicants know all the key details about the vacancy. Hopefully this’ll mean a wider pool of applicants for your job and a free way of advertising a vacancy.

We hope these two forms will help IAPB Members, Patrons and Valued Suppliers, but if you have further suggestions of things we can do to make your lives easier, please let one of the team know so together we can make radical change.