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August 2021 COVID-19 and Eye Health Round Up

Published: 08.09.2021
IAPB Knowledge Management team

All the research related to eye health and COVID-19 published in August 2021, sourced from LitCovid.

Child eye health: myopia & digital eye strain

Emergency Department/Clinic settings

Tertiary care


Eye Diseases

Dry Eye

No articles found


  • Teleophthalmology and Artificial Intelligence As Game Changers in Ophthalmic Care After the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cureus.
  • Telemedicine Evaluations in Neuro-Ophthalmology During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Patient and Physician Surveys. J Neuroophthalmol.
  • Remote Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus during the COVID-19 Pandemic. J Binocul Vis Ocul Motil.

Ocular transmission, detection & manifestation of COVID-19


Case Reports


Patient perspectives

No articles found

Primary eye care

Eye Donation and Banking

Other impacts of COVID-19 on vision and eye health

World Health Organisation updates

Photo credit: Shamim Khan, Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital