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Bangladesh Eye Care Service Assessment 2019

Published: 17.08.2021
H.M. Enayet Hussain
Munir Ahmed
checking temperature

With support from Orbis International, the Ministry of Health Bangladesh carried out an Eye Care Service assessment using WHO ECSAT tool in 2019. The assessment report is based on the six-health system building blocks which revealed inadequate human resource of all cadre.

The cataract surgery rate needs further improvement, there needs to be an effective implementation of the national plan and government spending on eye care needs to be further increased.

As there are only eight eye hospitals that are dedicated and specialized in eye care, community programmes are contributing major output of eye care services and the share of international funding on eye health is significant. There is paucity of evidence and data on blindness and visual impairment. There is some improvement in eye care service coverage in recent years but need much more accelerated to achieve to reduce the avoidable blindness in the country.  [The detail report link]

Image on top: Checking temperature/ Parag Sharifuzzaman