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Collaboration and sharing expertise – Meet our new member SeeYou Foundation

Published: 15.09.2022
Maud Vermeulen Communicatiemedewerker
SeeYou Foundation
Smiling girl with her glasses

We are very happy to announce that SeeYou Foundation has become a member of IAPB. Collaboration and sharing expertise are the bedrock of our success. Our ability to contribute to systemic change depends on our ability to collaborate. By building alliances with the disability movement, civil society organisations, foundations, governments and businesses, we become agents of change for an inclusive society and open up strategic funding opportunities.

IAPB offers SeeYou Foundation the opportunity to tap into resources and networks related to disability-inclusive development and eye health. We are proud to be part of this important network!

Who are we?

We are SeeYou and we have been committed to people with a (visual) disability since 1982. We help them gain access to (eye)care, education and work and achieve change by working together with people with disabilities, the local community and you.

What do we do?

People with disabilities, often live in poverty and are amongst the most excluded and marginalized groups in the society. They are at the center of our work and the change we seek. It pains us to see the discrimination and exclusion people with a (visual) impairment face. That is why we are committed to giving them access to (eye)health, education and work! And it is equally important that their communities are inclusive as well.

We, therefore, invest in people with an impairment themselves, their families and making their environment and systems inclusive. We want their communities to be a place where people with a (visual) impairment are seen and belong! And what do we do in times of need? Even then, we are there for people with a (visual) impairment so that they will not be forgotten.

Working together with IAPB

SeeYou works with partners in Africa and Asia on inclusive eye health. Membership of IAPB is therefore a great opportunity to jointly advocate, exchange our collective experience and expertise and grow our work. We hope to increase our impact in the countries where we work in on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. For SeeYou it is important to make eye health inclusive for people with a disability and to ensure all people have access to quality eye health. IAPB has a great international network to collaborate with to bundle our responses.

Our main Eye Health programmes are in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Cambodia. Together with local partners and the government, we work on improved access to eye health in those regions with limited eye care.